Counter Strike



COUNTER STRIKE has been in use by sewage treatment facilities, rendering plants, food processors and major waste disposal experts since 1987. COUNTER STRIKE leaves a pleasant residual fragrance that is long lasting and effective. It is safe to use on all surfaces and easy to use – spray, mop or drip feed. This highly concentrated formula is effective at dilutions as high as 100:1.

For problem areas use ASTRO GOLD as directed to clean the soiled equipment or surfaces. Apply COUNTER STRIKE while still damp and air dry.

Dumpsters, trash compactors, garbage trucks, trash cans, rendering plants, sewers and drains, drainage areas, animal waste areas, sewage treatment facilities, grease traps, pumping stations, trenches, fat barrels

Highly concentrated for diverse uses
No organic or inorganic phosphorus
No solvents or VOC’s

Use levels:
Use 2 oz. – 4 oz. / gallon light duty applications and 6 oz. – 8 oz. /gallon for heavy duty needs.

Appearance: Lavender colored thin liquid
pH: 7 – 8

Specific gravity: 1.01

Safe to use on most surfaces, spot check if uncertain. Product can cause eye irritation, use proper personnel protection when using.

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