Perasan A


PERASAN® ‘A’ (Antimicrobial Solution)
EPA Number: 63838-1

“Chlorine free antimicrobial solution concentrate”. It is used in the dairy, food and beverage processing industry for CIP pipeline cleaning, fogging, sanitizing, bottle, filler and tank sanitizing, and for general disinfection. It is also used for continuous conveyor sanitizing and Listeria intervention programs in meat and poultry plants, and in the treatment of cooling water, process and wastewater. Also, primary uses are for slime and biofouling control, sulfite and odor reduction, and for cleaning UF and RO membranes. Peroxyacetic acid solutions are also used for disinfection in human and veterinary applications including hospitals. Use dilution for equipment sanitation is 1 oz – 2 oz per 5 gal. of water. Use dilution for disinfection for various organisms is 1.5 oz. per 5 gal of water. A potable water rinse is not necessary if used at less than 2.0 oz/5 gal (200 ppm active PAA).

PERASAN® ‘A’ has a high oxidation potential and is very reactive. It exhibits excellent bactericidal and fungicidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water. Product is stable for a minimum of 1 year under normal conditions. Degrades to oxygen, water, and carbon.

Chemical Composition
PERASAN® ‘A’ is an equilibrium mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, proprietary ingredients, and water.
Peracetic acid (% wt.) 5.6-6.0
H2O2 (% wt.) 26.5-27.2
Acetic acid (% wt.) 7-8
Stabilizer (% wt) <0.4

Physical Properties
Density 20°C (68°F), (g/ml) 1.12
Vapor Pressure 20°C (68°F), (mbar) 27
pH (10% solution, 20ºC (68 ºF) <2
Flash Point °C (°F) DIN 51584 >98º (207)
Freezing Point °C (°F) -5(-2)

Clear, colorless liquid (pungent vinegar-like odor)

The PERASAN® ‘A’ container must be stored in an upright position. The storage area should be well ventilated and shaded from sunlight as well as protected from sources of radiant heat. Contamination of the product, especially heavy metal ions and alkali, must be avoided.

Shelf Life
At least one year without notable losses of active oxygen if stored properly.

53.5 gal (500 lb) plastic pails and drums.

Transport (DOT)
Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxyacetic Acid Solution, stabilized, 5.1, UN 3149, PG.II (corrosive)

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