Super Clean 500


Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (A1) #101337


SUPER CLEAN 500 is a highly concentrated neutral cleaner containing a combination of detergents and solvents for quick and easy removal of most types of soil. Highly effective in the removal of animal fats, grease and vegetable oils. Concentrated, as little as one ounce per gallon of water does most cleaning jobs. SUPER CLEAN 500 is a high foaming detergent that is safe for use on all surfaces. Particularly effective when applied with one of the foamers available from Astro Products.

Use as a general cleaning agent for use on all surfaces in official establishments operating under the Federal meat, poultry, shell egg grading, and egg products inspection programs. Imparts a fresh, clean odor, non-corrosive to skin and equipment and safe for use on aluminum and other soft metals.

Restrooms, floors, walls, Famco linkers, refrigeration units, poultry and meat plants, seafood, nut, and vegetable processers

NSF registered formulation, #101337 (A1, general cleaner)
High foaming powerful cleaning action
Highly concentrated for diverse uses
Rinses cleanly with no streaking or spotting
No organic or inorganic phosphorus
Non-toxic and biodegradable solvents

Use levels:
Use 1 oz. – 2 oz. / gallon in foamers and at 4 oz. – 6 oz. / gallon for hand scrubbing of tough soils and stains. Potable water rinse required.

Appearance: Clear to pale yellow
pH: 7.5 – 8.5 as is
Specific gravity: 1.01 – 1.03

Products can cause eye irritation if contacted. Use proper personnel protection.

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