Astro Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and reseller of cleaning products for a variety of industries (including meat packing plants, hatcheries, bakeries, nut processors, canning facilities, and a variety of other food product manufacturers). We work with clients to provide chemical formulations, equipment, and processes that fit individual cleaning and sanitation requirements. Our objective is to provide quality products coupled with innovative processes that solve the most difficult cleaning problems. 

We started in 1973 by building on a family history of solving problems. At first we focused on cleaning smokehouses; no small task since we are talking about baked-on carbonized cooking by-products that pose many dangers, including fire. We addressed this issue by formulating Astro Clean ACP-10, one of the first self-foaming liquid caustic cleaners. This unique formula has been used extensively for cleaning smokehouses, stainless steel food processing equipment and other demanding industrial environments. 

Other specialty formulations include Roaster Foam, a cleaner designed for removing carbonized food soils from nut processing and roasting equipment. Roaster Foam in combination with specialized rinsing and foaming equipment has solved another tough cleaning problem for a number of nut roasting facilities. 

Odor control is a major problem for food processing plants, wastewater treatment plants, rendering operations, landfills, restaurants, seafood processing plants, garbage trucks, hatcheries, and many others. In 1987, we introduced Counter Strike for effectively controlling odors in these difficult areas. 

From the start we recognized that good chemical formulations were only part of the total solution to difficult cleaning problems. We have designed specialty application systems, helped modify existing cleaning equipment, and partnered with top equipment manufacturers to provide customized cleaning solutions. 

For 40+ years our goal has been to provide quality products and service. Astro Products, Inc. continues that tradition today by providing Special Products for Special Needs