Astro Products, Inc. provides high-quality and cost-effective food plant sanitation chemicals and cleaning equipment. Creative ideas for chemical application equipment, rinsing techniques and chemical formulations are an important part of our approach to food plant sanitation.

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Lafferty Equipment Company manufacturers high-quality foamers, sprayers, foggers and chemical dispensing systems. Astro Products, Inc. is pleased to assist you in selecting the best products for your needs.

Lafferty Mixing Stations

Lafferty Equipment manufactures a variety of high-quality chemical mixing stations. Lafferty mixing stations allow you to mix one or more chemicals and dispense at the appropriate flow rate. Lafferty even offers the ability to achieve strong dilution ratios up to 1:1 with their “High Concentrate” (HC) mixing stations.
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Lafferty Sprayers

Lafferty Equipment manufactures a variety of high-quality chemical sprayers. Lafferty sprayers project a liquid spray, typically in a fan pattern, and offer flow rates to suit large or small jobs.
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Lafferty Sanitizers

Lafferty Equipment manufactures high-quality sanitizer applicators. Lafferty Sanitizers are water-driven venturi systems that accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios. The sanitizing solution is projected onto surfaces using a fan nozzle providing quick area coverage.
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Lafferty Multifunction Systems

Lafferty Equipment manufactures a variety of high-quality multifunction chemical applicators. The multifunction chemical applicators combine Foamers, Sprayers/Sanitizers, and Rinse Stations (or other combinations) into one convenient unit.
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Lafferty Foggers

Lafferty Equipment manufactures a variety of high-quality foggers. Lafferty Foggers are powered solely by compressed air, atomizing pre-diluted or ready-to-use chemical. Whether you are looking for a wet, damp or dry fog Lafferty has a model that will fit your needs.
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Lafferty Entryway Sanitation Systems

Lafferty Equipment manufactures high-quality entryway sanitation systems, also known as entryway sanitizers. The entryway sanitizers lay down a protective barrier of foam across the entryway. The foam clings to boots and equipment that enters the room, and penetrates cracks and crevices killing harmful bacteria.
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