Acid Foam


Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (A3) #137858


ACID FOAM is a unique blend of acids, wetting and foaming agents designed for use in cleaning baked on soils and protein films from food processing equipment. This high foaming formulation can eliminate hard water scale, rust, oxidation, milk stone, etc. from processing equipment such as steam cookers, kettles, loaf molds, product piping, glass board, smokehouses, cook vats. The dense penetrating foam created by ACID FOAM will soften and dissolve problem soils without heavy scrubbing. Use ACID FOAM to clean and brighten all types of stainless steel processing equipment. Foam, soak or manually apply to give excellent results. No offensive odors and regular use keeps your equipment looking like new.

Use with one of the many foamers available from Astro Products
Create dense penetrating foams for the best results!

Meat and poultry plants, smokehouses, food processing equipment, bakeries, seafood processers, vegetable processers

NSF registered formulation, #137858 (A3, acid cleaner)
High foaming powerful cleaning action
Highly concentrated for diverse uses
Rinses cleanly with no streaking or spotting
No solvents or VOC’s

Use levels:
Apply with a foamer at 2 to 4 oz. per gallon for typical applications. Potable water rinse required.

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid
pH (1% solution): 1.8 – 2.2
Specific gravity: 1.16

Safe to use on most surfaces, spot check if uncertain. Product is strongly acidic, use proper personnel protection when using.

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