Lafferty Foamers

Lafferty Equipment manufactures high-quality foamers that are used throughout the food processing industry and in a variety of other applications. When used with the right foaming chemical, Lafferty Foamers project a clinging foam onto surfaces both up close and far … Continue reading

Master Blaster 2000

BOOSTED WATER PRESSURE – Where you need it – Portable or wall mount  – BOOST cleaning effieiency   Boosted water pressure – add about 100 psi to incoming pressure. Reduce water consumption. Reduce rinsing time with high impact nozzles. Reach … Continue reading

Trolley Foam

TROLLEY FOAM is a high foaming caustic cleaner with exceptional penetrating and wetting capabilities. This cleaner contains emulsifiers and degreasers formulated especially for use in all departments of meat and poultry plants. TROLLEY FOAM removes heavy baked on soils quickly, … Continue reading

Ultra Clean

ULTRA CLEAN is a highly concentrated food processing equipment cleaner that is formulated to remove stubborn and heavy soils such as fats, oils, greases, and cooked food soils. This powerful cleaner is formulated with highly effective detergents, chelating agents, and … Continue reading