Master Foam


Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (A1) #137674


MASTER FOAM is a high foaming concentrate that has corrosion inhibitors in a non-caustic based formulation. This powerful cleaner is biodegradable, safe, and easy to use on all types of soils and surfaces in food processing plants. MASTER FOAM penetrates rapidly and works fast to soften and suspend soil so that it can be easily rinsed away. Works well in hard water locations and contains anti-redeposition agents to prevent spotting.  Excellent results on normally hard to clean surfaces such as fiberglass, plastics, and rubbers.  Easily rinsed and leaves no chemical residue.  Suitable for all food processing plants such as meat and poultry, seafood processers, vegetable processors, nut and seed plants.  

Use with the ELMO or FOAM MASTER from Astro Products
Creates dense penetrating foams for the best results!

Aluminum surfaces, pots, vessels, conveyors, hooks, meat lugs, walls, floors, Famco linkers, stuffers
NSF registered formulation, #137674 (A1, general cleaning)
High foaming powerful cleaning action
Highly concentrated for diverse uses
Corrosion inhibition and hard water tolerant
Rinses cleanly with no streaking or spotting
No organic or inorganic phosphorus, solvents, or VOC’s

Use levels:
Meter through a foaming applicator at 1 to 2 oz. per gallon for light applications and 4 to 6 oz. per gallon for heavily soiled equipment or surfaces.

Appearance: Straw colored thin liquid
pH: 12 – 13 as is
Specific gravity: 1.086    

Safe to use on most surfaces including aluminum, spot check if uncertain. Product is strongly alkaline, use proper personnel protection when using.

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