Smokehouse Special


SMOKEHOUSE SPECIAL is a SUPER CONCENTRATE formulated especially for use on smokehouses, commercial ovens, roasters and related equipment. SMOKEHOUSE SPECIAL is a SELF-FOAMING product. No expensive foam additives needed to make a rich, clinging foam with this concentrated product. Removes carbonized grease residue, smoke deposits, burned on food soils, fats, oils and greases from stainless steel food processing equipment. Use as a degreaser or carbon remover for food cooking or smoking equipment, utensils, or other associated surfaces in official establishments operating under the Federal meat, poultry, rabbit, shell egg grading, and egg products inspection programs.

This SUPER CONCENTRATE can be effectively used in one of the many foamers available from Astro Products for foam cleaning of equipment such as: smokehouses, commercial ovens, nut blanching and roasting equipment, kettles, poultry scald vats and similar equipment. Use as a soak tank cleaner for soaking heavily soiled parts such as oven trays, stainless steel smoke sticks, ham molds, meat screens and other equipment. Use as a boil out compound for cleaning deep fryers and oil roasters.

Smokehouses, ovens, fryers, kettles, scald vats, molds, hooks, trolleys, soak tanks

High foaming powerful cleaning action
Highly concentrated for diverse uses
Rinses cleanly with no streaking or spotting
No solvents, VOC’s, organic or inorganic phosphorus

Use levels:
Use 2 to 4 oz. per gallon in foamers and at 6 to 8 oz. per gallon for soak tanks. Potable water rinse required.

Appearance: Amber colored liquid
pH: 13 – 14 as is
Specific gravity: 1.43 – 1.45

Safe to use on most surfaces except aluminum, spot check if uncertain. Product is strongly caustic, use proper personnel protection when using.

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